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Summer Theater Camp

Backyard Company

ITC desires to instill the love of arts in children from an early age, so very quickly after the group was formed, we began dedicating one production a year to showcase 3rd grade through high school students. We have a vibrant summer camp and yearly production. With our summer internship program for high school students, we have continually expanded this company to be an essential part of the island community.

Summer Camp –

The ITC Summer Camp, which is held for 3 weeks every summer, will teach theater basics including: stage direction, terminology, auditioning, the production process, lighting and sound, and much more. Programming is designed for both the beginner and experienced student actors. All activities are designed to develop imagination, concentration, character, professionalism, and technique to strengthen the student’s command of his/her body and voice.

The internship program for high school students gives them the opportunity to see what it is to run a theater camp. They are involved in scheduling the current camp week, running warm ups, blocking scenes for the actual show, and many other important activities.

Singin’ Broadway Jr. –

Born out of the COVID-19 quarantine, students are encouraged to select a Broadway show tune, audition the tune for the ITC founders, rehearse and perform this tune in a show for the community. Modeled after our extremely popular Singin’ Broadway, which our adults have done for the last 4 years, this show allows our students to be at center stage and to highlight the amazing talent that our island kids have to offer.

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